Would you like to hire Santa for your holiday themed project?

I don’t like to name drop, but good ‘ol Saint Nick and I are pretty close, and I happen to know he loves to do voice-overs.

If you want Santa to make a guest appearance in your commercial, PSA, corporate party video or other project, let me know right away. As I am sure you know, Santa is pretty busy this time of year! So busy, n fact, that in order to provide samples of his voice, I had to record him in secret. I’m pretty sure he won’t mind, but have my fingers crossed behind my back just in case. I don’t want to get on his Naughty List!

  • Santa's Heart Attack by Jon Gardner
  • Santa Reads "A Visit From Saint Nicholas" by Jon Gardner
  • Santa and "The Dream Before Christmas" by Jon Gardner

Being a professional voice actor is about more than the sound of a voice. It is script interpretation, acting, and imagination. It requires someone who makes your project more important that their ego. It also means broadcast quality sound, great communication skills, prompt follow-up, and a quick turnaround. A great attitude doesn’t hurt either. I bring these qualities to every project.