A short one this time.

I have become increasingly concerned about those of us who struggle in silence. It takes so much constant effort to build and maintain a VO business that it can be all too easy to slowly wear down in isolation, leading to burn out, or worse. Financial success is not protection against it. Even the most successful and outgoing of us might be struggling in ways we would never suspect.

I am writing this to remind myself to treat everyone with the grace I would hope to be treated with. I can never know what a person’s life is like, what struggles they have, or what has happened to them.

May I ask?

As a related topic, I hate that so many of us are reluctant to admit we are struggling, or ask for help due to fear of being judged as weak, needy, or unprofessional. I understand why, but the reasons only perpetuate the problem. We work largely in isolation, which isn’t always healthy. I need to make sure I remember this about others, not just myself. Some grace, wrapped in a little kindness, can go a long way.

If you are struggling today and feel you’re alone, I want you to know that you are not. There are others all around who can relate. I also want to tell you that you are worthy, and are stronger than you think.


One of the best things you can do for yourself is connect with others. You will need to take the initiative, and have patience. It takes some time to create relationships where you might be comfortable enough to reach out for support, but it is worth the effort. Attend webinars. Become an attendee at a regular voice-over workout group (many of which are free). Connect on social media. Meet other voice-over people in person whenever you can. It helps. Although you will still be by yourself most of the time, that doesn’t mean you have to go it alone.


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6 Responses

  1. Very thoughtful, compassionate post, Jon! And a reminder of how important it is to have balance and meaning in our lives. It’s not easy toiling away by ourselves to grow a business in a highly competitive industry, especially if our isolation is doubled by the very nature of doing our work in a small confined area, like a voice over booth or makeshift closet. That’s why it’s necessary to seek out family, friends, and others we resonate with, because we NEED that human connection. Just like we shouldn’t put all our financial eggs in one basket, neither should we limit ourselves to only one very narrow social outlet. Particularly when our work calls for us to work alone!

  2. Thanks, Laura. You are right, and I think I should have also mentioned connecting with people outside of VO. The business shouldn’t be the only thing in our lives!

  3. Really nice blog, Jon! I know I spend way too much time in my own head. And it’s easy to withdraw when I feel overwhelmed. Which is just the opposite of what I SHOULD be doing, lol.

  4. I do struggle with this…the weight of everything on my shoulders, alone. I have a wonderful accountability group that really helps a lot. They’ve gotten me through some really rough patches where I’ve felt like just giving up.

    Thanks for the encouraging words.

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