I just realized that I haven’t written a new blog post since last year. It’s true, time flies when you’re having fun. Of course, time also flies when you throw your watch across a parking lot in frustration when the battery fails again (time…flies, get it?), or when you are anesthetized for a hysterectomy, so I’m not quite sure what that aphorism is supposed to even mean. Thankfully, none of those things are viable excuses for me.

What prompted this blog is realizing that the Voiceover Atlanta Conference is just a few days away. My excitement is ramping up and I can’t wait to see people I know, meet new people, and learn new things. I can’t hold it in, and since you can’t hear me when I yell (I hope), I need to write. Even if I have covered this ground somewhat before.


Before I proceed, let me say I am not an official part of VO Atlanta (although I do volunteer to make it less expensive) and am merely speaking from my own experience. I have not been compensated in any way for comments I make here. Yet. I am open to offers. Also, even though I am talking specifically about VO Atlanta right now, most of the same things apply to other great VO conferences. Others to check out (not an all-encompassing list):

Now, the rest of the story

Where was I when I so rudely interrupted myself? Oh, yes. My excitement. The fact is, it hasn’t always been this way. A few short years ago I hadn’t been to a voice-over conference yet. I didn’t yet know how fun and valuable it could be. Not to mention that being a socially awkward person, it was easier to talk myself out of it than pay the price or take the risk, which is what I did, initially. Talk myself out of it, I mean.

A micro lesson

To explain, let me take you way, way back to the days before there were self-driving cars, air fryers or even cell phones. Yes, Virginia, there was a time before cell phones.

Microwave ovens had recently begun to saturate the market. Yes, Virginia, there was a time before microwave ovens. When they came on the market, they had big clunky knobs on them and an actual bell inside would “DING!” when cooking was done. And they were big. Even the smallest ones were large enough to use as a garage for your Volkswagen beetle. However, as a practical matter, microwave ovens proved unwise to use for this purpose. Apparently some do not appreciate having someone drive a car through the kitchen. Not that I would know. I did own a VW beetle and a microwave big enough to fit it in, but this is a purely theoretical assumption I am making. *wink*

Buying decisions

Hard to believe, but not everyone rushed out to buy these magical heating machines. Many people thought it was a scam—there was no way it could cook food as fast as they said it could! For myself, I just couldn’t imagine why I would need one. It made no sense to me. I had a regular oven which worked just fine, so why would I pay more money to do something I can already do? It is just like buying an exercise bike when I already have dining room chairs to hang-dry clothes on.

Embarrassing laundry practices aside, microwaves seemed like a stupid way to spend money. So naturally, I bought one. I brought it home, plugged it in, and heated a cup of coffee in it. That moment was like the first time I drove a car, or hypothetically had inappropriate adolescent physical relations in the back of that car. Some events instantly change your life forever. VO conferences are like that. VO Atlanta is like that. Did I mention it starts in a few days? It does, but it isn’t too late to decide to go… depending on when you read this of course.

This dog don’t bite

VO Atlanta is the big dog in the VO conference pack, but don’t get the wrong idea; this dog wears a diamond studded collar. Complimentary touches of comfort and luxury are part of the deal. The hotel itself is very nice, you’ll get a nice complimentary swag bag when you check in, and there will be a complimentary catered lunch on Friday and Saturday. Complimentary coffee, tea and water will be available in various places. Included in your paid admission is complimentary access to general session recordings afterward. Compliments are also complementary; ask me and I will give you one at any time, even if I am not sincere. I’m sincerely also good for a complimentary (only mildly awkward) hug if you want one.

New Tricks

It’s not hype to say the amount and quality of training available is nothing short of astounding. Subjects cover the entire spectrum of voice-over, including audiobook narration, marketing, commercial, medical, animation, video games… you name it. Presenters include some of the most respected names in our industry. (As an aside, if you are wondering if the x-sessions are worth an extra $199… YES.)


Want more? The main stage will host the live final of the Ultimate VO Survivor contest on Thursday night. There are social events scheduled every night, including live music, karaoke, and dancing to DJ curated music. It’s educational AND fun! (Sorry, Bev, I know you told me not to emphasize “and”, but I couldn’t help it this time.)

Every one of those things is much more than enough to motivate you to decide to go. None of them are what I really want to tell you about.

Home Sapiens Voiceoverous Tremendicus

For me at least, it is mostly about people. You know those people you have seen and talked to over Zoom calls or traded comments with over social media? Guess what? They are real! You can actually see them with your IRL eyes! Remember the days of shaking hands, fist bumps and hugs? All of these are possible. You can share a meal and visit. Or you can each have your own meals while you visit—you don’t necessarily have to share.

Even better, there won’t be anyone making you stay on topic or force you to wrap up your long story about your latest microphone purchase. It doesn’t even have to be VO related—you can compare stories about how busted your NCAA Tournament brackets are, or run back to your hotel room with friends to watch the NCAA basketball tournament game you can’t miss! (Gonzaga vs. UCLA on Thursday night for example)


Seriously, nothing substitutes for making friends and acquaintances in the industry. Nothing is more valuable at a VO conference than meeting people and building your network. Nobody can understand the things you care about and deal with more than another person who is in the same boat. Ever feel utterly alone in your VO journey? You may arrive at a conference alone, but if you make the effort to engage with others, you may never need to feel that way again.

Remember what I was telling you about microwaves? You don’t know what you are missing until you try it. Right now you may not understand why it is worth the cost, but once you go, you’ll know. You won’t ever question the value of a voice-over conference again, and there won’t be any going back. Except to the conference. You can go back to the conference.



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