An email came today from an advertising agency I had worked with. They had written a testimonial for me and it was so flattering that I was a little embarrassed just to read it. This came at a time when I have been battling discouragement, like we all do at times.

There is healing in hearing kind words once in a while; it helps to kick-start momentum and raise spirits. This reminded me that I have – we all have – the same power to make other people’s lives better for a moment. It only takes a few kind words. I love to do this. I especially surprising people I don’t know. When people c ross my pathwho are helpful, kind, excellent at their job, whatever, I try to invest a brief moment to encourage them by telling them so. If someone is down, discouraged or otherwise down hearted, I try to find something to say that lets them know that at least one person saw them today.

Today I needed that encouragement. Tomorrow I hope I remember to do the same for someone else.

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