Thanksgiving is probably my favorite holiday. I know there is controversy about its origin, but for me, and I think a lot of other people, it isn’t about that. It is much more about family, friends, good food and being thankful for those things. And the sweet-spicy aroma and exquisite taste of pumpkin pie.

Thanksgiving takes my mind out of all of the baggage from the past year, past mistakes and past losses. It gives me a tap on the shoulder and whispers a reminder in my ear to focus on all the many, many people and things I should thankful for. Including pumpkin pie. Lots of it. My rule is, if I haven’t had too much, I haven’t had enough.

Let’s be serious about this

Seriously, I never take this holiday lightly and I never say my thanks perfunctorily. My family will surely attest to that as their eyes start to roll up into their heads and eyelids droop only five minutes into my prayer before our meal.

Today I take the time to think, to dig deeper than normal, to look for the tiniest things that I would otherwise miss. Going through this exercise clears my mind, unburdens my heart and lifts my eyes from the blackness all around, to the light that I miss when I forget to look up. Hopefully that light will be shining on a big ‘ol slice of pumpkin pie adorned with a lavish dollop of whipped cream. Pumpkin pie is the best. Don’t even try to argue with me or I might not be quite as thankful for you as I am right now.

Let there be light

Sure, 2020 has been a bitch. I know a lot of people are in pain, have experienced loss, are fearful for their future. I have been in all of those places also. That is part of what amazes me the most. It may come across as a bit trite, but it is true. No matter how dark it seems, there is light. Right now. Right in front of you. It may be hard to see, but it is there and it is unrelenting.

It may not even be your job to notice it right now. I get that. Sometimes all we can do is to grit our teeth and endure the task or the trial in front of us. When the time comes for you to lift your head again, that light – that something to be thankful for – will be there waiting. 

I encourage you to dig a little deeper today and look for everything you can be thankful for. Try not to miss a thing, no matter how small.. Then look for the right person to thank, and do it. Thank them. Thank them for that encouraging word they offered, that leg up on your career, that inspiration, that answer to your question, even the air you are breathing and that sunset you are looking at. Or the pumpkin pie you are looking at. Whatever.

Thank you

Among the plethora of other things she does, I am thankful for my lovely bride who daily puts up with my VO obsession with nary a complaint. I am also thankful for the way she goes above and beyond to make my daily life beautiful and our holidays special.

I am thankful for everyone who has read my blog, left comments and have subscribed.

I am thankful for everyone in my voice-over family who has helped me, welcomed me in, has offered a kind word or taught me something useful. I am especially thankful for the kindness many of you have shown.

I pray your Thanksgiving will be just that; a time to thoughtfully, authentically give thanks. I pray that your heart will be a little lighter and your view of the world will be a little brighter because of it. Furthermore, I say this as a heartfelt prayer and a blessing: Happy Thanksgiving. May you be blessed with pumpkin pie, or whatever inferior holiday treat you might, in error, prefer.

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  1. A most excellent observation, my friend. Gratitude is key, isn’t it? It totally transforms our perception. I’m sorry for the hurt of Christmas. I pray the Grinch gets his ass thoroughly kicked by Santa this year for you, and that God may restore joy, hope, and meaning to this and all holidays. Now go eat that pie!!! (But save me some?)

    • The CAGE MATCH of the CENTURY! Santa “the Claw” Claus vs. The “Green Meanie” Grinch! Coming to pay-per-view on December 25th in select cities worldwide!

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